Regional Centre

The Regional Centres are responsible for the promotion of the Distance learning Mode of the University; development, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres and Student Support Services; and organisation of staff development programmes in the region.

The University has planned to establish Study Centres at divisional level in the whole state of Madhya Pradesh to provide better services to the students. Two Regional Centres at Bhopal and Jabalpur, has been established by University to coordinate and supervise the work of the Study Centres in concerned division.

Regional Centres, the sub-office of the University for all practical purposes, are also intended to act as resource centres of the University in respective regions. Regional Centres are centres for training coordinators/counsellors/other functionaries and would provide a venue for the students and the academic counsellors to express their responses with reference to a particular subject. Responsibility for random checking of student assignment, if needed, would also lie with Regional Centres.

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