Positive Emotion and Behavior

Sunrise-Meditation-300x215Another dimension of the student development that occurs through the practice of Transcendental Meditation is the growth of more positive emotions and behavior.

The experience of Transcendental Consciousness, gained through the Transcendental Meditation Technique, is a state of deep inner silence and peacefulness, a state of inner bliss. As we have seen, this makes the mind more clams; and it also enlivens inner happiness. When students are calm and happy, they naturally see the best in others and behave in a more positive and nourishing way.

One important research paper showing more positive emotion was a meta analysis that combined the result of many studies, all together 146 findings, showing decreased anxiety among those who learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique, in comparison to those who practiced procedures of Concentration, or those who practiced other techniques.

Another finding indicating more inner happiness is depression in university students who learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique, in contrast to students from other university who had not yet learned.

On the basis of more inner happiness and calmness, one naturally grows in the ability to appreciate others more. This is shown for example, by the finding of greater appreciation of others, among those practicing Transcendental Meditation, in contrast to those who have not yet learned.

Based on the growth of inner fullness, Student also behaves in ways that are more positive and nourishing to other. This is indicated, for example, by the finding of increased tolerance in secondary school student practicing the Transcendental Meditation Technique in comparison to control students.

Growth of tolerance is very important to both the school and the nation. Every society is full of diversity; growth of tolerance shows that young people practicing Transcendental Meditation are growing in the ability to appreciate differences while maintaining a feeling of unity with others. This creates a harmonious school, where children experience greater kindness from everyone; and growth of tolerance is crucial for a community and nation to enjoy harmony and unity amidst all the differences in society.

To summarize this section, the Transcendental Meditation programme spontaneously brings thinking and action in harmony with natural law, leading to more positive emotions and more nourishing and lifeĀ  supporting behavior, which is the basis of ideal citizenship.

The results are even more profound when the children of an entire school are growing in these qualities of inner happiness, greater appreciation and tolerance of others. That is what is enjoyed by the students and teacher at consciousness-based school around the world, such as the maharishi vidya mandir school and maharishi university in India.

In addition, when schools and university with large group of student participate in the practice of maharishis Transcendental Meditation and also the advanced TM-siddhi programme, including yogic flying, then the positivity and harmony that is generated extends not only throughout the school but throughout the whole society. Scientific research shows that large educational institutions implementing consciousness-based education can become centers of orderliness and organizing power for the whole society, projecting a steady influence of positivity in the whole national consciousness.

Those who are participating in Consciousness-Based Education and experiencing the development of the totality of their lives in the direction of inner fulfillment and outer success, are beginning to realize the goal of education which is to give every student the fruit of all knowledge. And what is the fruit of gaining knowledge? A mistake-free problem-free healthy happy life spontaneously lived in harmony with Natural Law.

In the book, Maharishi Vedic University: introduction, Maharishi writes that all educators in the world should know that they can easily achieve this goal. The student only has to open his awareness to that level of reality to experience Transcendental Consciousness, and to practically realize that he is the embodiment of all knowledge, and to enjoy the fruit of all knowledge in his daily life mistake-free life-life in fulfillment all thoughts and actions in full accordance with Natural Law.

Such a fully educated individual will create a perfect society and a perfect government. Life on earth will be practically lived in the light of heaven.